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Teen Dies Following Taser Gun Incident at University of Cincinatti

By Will Brown, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


An unfortunate incident recently took place at the University of Cincinnati (Ohio). It was reported that Everette Howard, an 18 year old student, died as a result of injuries sustained by a Taser gun used by campus police. It was reported that Everette was attempting to break up a fight at the time. It is expected that a full investigation will be completed and then be summarized in a written report since a death resulted from this incident. There appeared to be several witnesses to the incident. The use of force by a police officer is permitted under certain circumstances. In particular, if the health safety and welfare of the police office and / or others are put at risks – force is often times utilized. There are particular policies and procedures in place for each police department as to the use of force including the use of Taser guns. The incident will be reviewed to determine if protocols and criteria were met with respect to the facts and circumstances of this incident.

While Taser guns are typically a less dangerous alternative to the use of a gun, there are still serious personal injuries and even deaths that result from the use of a Taser gun. Law enforcement officials should be respected and orders by the same should be followed. When force is used, it should be reasonable and necessary. Whether the force used is considered excessive will depend on the facts and circumstances of each incident.

For more information, see “Everette Howard Died Saturday At UC Campus.”

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