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Teenage Boy (Daniel Gibbons) Suffers Loss / Amputation of Testicle Following Tapping Game / Assault at School – Crosby, Minnesota

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A 14-year-old Minnesota boy suffered the loss / amputation of his right right testicle after being injured in a playground game called “Sack Tapping.” Sack Tapping, where a unsuspecting male is punched in the groin area, is becoming increasingly popular in all schools: elementary, junior high and high school.

Although this incident may sound rare, a Minnesota doctor reported he performed three to four surgeries a year because of complications arising groin punching. The doctor also claimed to see a dozen more less severe injuries resulting from the game as well.

Although it is common for children of all ages to tease one another and engage in horseplay, inflicting harm onto another child is never appropriate. The physical and emotional injuries a young male sustains due to what may be a joke or a prank can has serious and life long consequences and injuries. An injured / ruptured testicle results in excruciating physical pain. There is also an extreme amount of emotional / psychological pain that results from such injuries. A boy often times worries about his future manhood and his ability to be a father in the future.

There are a host of legal issues that arise when a child suffers injuries while under the supervision of a day care center, school, neighbor, friend, or other facility including the following:

What supervision was in place at the time of the incident?

Had similar incidents happened in the past?

What actions were taken to prevent the incident from taking place?

What did the adult supervision know about the incident? Prior incident?

Is the school, day care center, summer camp, or other business liable for the injuries?

Who will be responsible for the medical bills?

Is there liability insurance, business insurance, and / or homeowner’s insurance that would cover the medical bills, pain and suffering, and other related damages?

Parents as well as school officials have a duty to protect their children. A child injury lawyer can be contacted to discuss the legal rights of a child when there are personal injuries resulting from negligence, lack of supervision, abuse / neglect, and other causes.

You can read more about “Sack Tapping?” at Dangers and Injuries Associated with Sack Tapping.

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