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Text Messaging Gone Wild in Pennsylvania – Two Men Attempting Record Send Out 217,000 Text Messages

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Text messaging is in full force in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. Unless you have been locked in your house and have not been around any teenagers or adults for that matter, you should know about text messages. It is a tool. It is a game / toy. It can also be dangerous. Like anything else in life, moderation is important unless, of course, you are attempting to break some kind of record and want notoriety. The maxim should still apply “as long as nobody gets hurt”. Anyway, in Pennsylvania, two mean (Nick Andes, age 30, and Doug Klinger, age 30) spent the hours upon hours upon hours text messaging each other to try to break some kind of record. To Nick’s dismay, he received a bill of $26,000 for his excessive text messaging acts. Nick did have unlimited texting under his plan so the bill is being investigated and should be resolved in Nick’s favor. To me, Unlimited means Unlimited so Nick’s carrier should not be charging him any more than the fixed charges.

The text messaging adventures of Nick and Doug are silly and, to some, a waste of time. Text messaging can be a helpful tool. It has also lead to serious personal injuries and wrongful death when the person text messaging is distracted. Driving, walking, biking, and other activities should take precedence over texting. People, especially children and teenagers, have literally walked into traffic and have been killed because they were busy text messaging, talking on the mobile phone, reading a text, or reading an e mail. Be safe. Be aware. As parents and caregivers, we should remind our children and others of the dangers of text messaging and distractions. You can read more about the text messaging adventures of Doug and Nick at Pennsylvania Men Attempting Text Messaging Record Get Big Bill.

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