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Texting While Driving Bans and Traffic Updates Via Mobile Phones and Twitter – Mixed Messages and Dangers of Mobile Phones When Driving

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Distracted driving has been a problem since people began driving. Over the years, there have been more things to distract a driver’s attention. Prior to the use of mobile phones, drivers were distracted by music, eating, talking, reading (yes reading) and other non-driving activities. With the availability and use of mobile phones and now smart phones like the Blackberry and iphone, drivers are now distracted by e mails, text messages, and internet browsing. The Gainesville (Florida) Sun Newspaper recently published an article ( States Send Mixed Messages on Texting While Driving Laws) that reviewed laws in various States regarding text messaging / mobile phone use and driving. Some States ban or restrict the use yet post traffic updates to mobile phones by text messaging / Twitter and other applications.

Whether there is a law in place or not, a person can be charged with negligence or even a crime while using a mobile phone when there is an accident. This is especially true in automobile accidents that lead to serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

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