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Three Accused of Dealing Drugs Near an Indiana Day Care Center

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Indiana and other States, law enforcement officers arrest people every day for dealing drugs and for other illegal activities. Drug dealing can often times lead to violence and negligence that leads to the harm of innocent third parties including children. That is why it is important for law enforcement and communities to keep drug dealing away from schools and day care centers. In Richmond, Indiana, law enforcement officers arrested three people suspected of drug dealing within 1000 feet of a day care center. All three criminal defendants sold drugs to the same undercover agent. Members of the Wayne County Drug Task Force and Police Department should be commended for their efforts to enforce the law and keep areas in and around day care centers safer. You can read about this story at Three People Facing Criminal Charges for Drug Dealing Near Richmond, Indiana Day Care Center.

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