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Tips for Parents of Autistic Children to Keep them Safe in Public

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Autistic children can be hard to control, especially out in public where they may try to run away – sometimes into a busy street. While it is important for an Autistic child’s development to go out in public, parents will need to learn special skills to keep them safe when they do.

In many cases, bringing the child’s teacher into the plan can be very helpful. Special Education programs often have special classes where they let the children practice how to behave in public. This can include eating in restaurants, shopping, and going to the movies among other activities. The children usually practice ahead of time with role playing games and story telling. They then spend a short amount of time in public, gradually lengthening the time spent as they become more comfortable with the routine. Families should work closely with the school so that they can continue and reinforce the training outside of school. After a lot of practice good behavior will become routine.

If the child continues to pull away or act inappropriately, routine discipline, such as depriving the child of a reward can help discourage inappropriate behavior. Other options include using a harness or considering a therapy dog specially trained for children with Autism. Find out more tips for keeping Autistic kids safe in public at Going Out Into the Community With An Autistic Child.

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