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Tips for Supervision and Discipline of Children in Day Care Setting

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Far too often children are subjected to abuse and corporal punishment as disciplinary measures. There are much better ways to supervise, discipline, and / or mentor a child. Furthermore, the personal injuries to a child from abuse, violence, and corporal punishment can last a lifetime. Children make mistakes and will misbehave. Adults are the same way. With children, it is well known that they have poor judgment and will do things that upset others. It is the nature of being a kid. There are no perfect kids. At some point in time, all kids misbehave in one from or another. Some misbehave more than others and some less.

It is vital that parents and child care providers serve as good role models for children. Parents should communicate clearly and firmly. It is also important that a parent is consistent with his or her words and actions. While positive child guidance and discipline is not easy, it is a better route to go than corporal punishment, abuse, neglect, and injury. See Principles of Positive Child Guidance.

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