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Toddler Wanders Out of Two Separate Minnesota Day Care Centers – Temporary Shut Down and Investigation

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A Minnesota mother is demanding answers after her sun ran out of 2 day care centers, two days in a row. The incidents occurred on November 4 and 5, 2010. Two-year-old Ryker Hacker walked right out the front doors two separate Southern Minnesota day care centers. Jackie Downing, Ryker’s mother, said she was referred to day care provider Rosemary Marquette from her neighbor. On Ryker’s first day, Marquette said she briefly turned her back to help another child when Ryker suddenly went wandered off. Marquette said she did what any other parent or adult would do and started searching form him on her own. However, police say they did not receiving a call from Marquette reporting the child missing. In fact, police received calls from concerned citizens after they saw Ryker in the middle of a busy street, 45 minutes after the child went missing. After much persistence, Downing successful in charging Marquette with a criminal misdemeanor charge of child neglect. The second incident occurred the very next day at Caring Arms day care facility in Nicollet, Minnesota. Sonja Shay, director at Caring Arms, says the center called police and found Ryker walking towards his home a short time after he went missing. To read more on this story please see Two-year-old boy wanders out of 2 different day care centers, 2 days in a row.

Supervision is key when caring for children. Children are curious and will wander off the moment they get the chance to do so. A key way to prevent children from harm is to maintain constant, tireless, incessant supervision.

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