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Van Alstyne Texas Day Care Center Owner Accused of Mixing Drugs with Milk for Nap Time

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Van Alstyne, Texas, a day care center owner was accused of putting drugs in the milk of the children for nap time. It was reported that Kimberly Lane – owner of the Texas Day Care Center – Luv N Learning Day Care – mixed an over the counter (OTC) medication – antihistamine – in the milk. The medications were reportedly crushed and then put in the “special milk”. Fifteen children were enrolled in the Texas Day Care Center. The ages of the children in this child care center ranged from 20 months to over 4 years old. It was reported that other abuse / neglect also took place this Texas Day Care Center.

In Texas and other States, day care centers and their employees have a duty to provide each child with a safe and clean learning environment. Medications should not be given without the written consent of a parent and without a proper order from a licensed physician for prescription medications.

Drugging a child to make the child drowsy or sleepy is certainly not in the best interests of the child. It also can be dangerous as some children are allergic to many common medications. There is also a risks of overdose and health hazards when a child is given a medication without the knowledge and consent of the parent and the child’s pediatrician. You can read more about this story at Texas Day Care Center Owner Accused of Drugging Children for Nap Time.

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