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What is the Universal Safety Precaution to Prevent Children from Drowning? Touch Supervision

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Swimming Safety – Importance of Touch Supervision

By  David Wolf, Attorney

During the summer months and the rest of the year as well, children are at risk for drowning.  Sadly and tragically in this day and age, drowning is still the leading cause of death for children in the area range of infants and toddlers.  It is well know that children are curious.  A child sees an adventure rather than the danger.  A child sees the shiny colors rather than the risks.  A child’s sense of curiosity along with the lack of good judgment or safety awareness can lead to disastrous results like a drowning.  Because of this, it is important for parents, lifeguards, child care providers, and others to be on high alert any time that children are swimming or in an area near a swimming pool or other body of water.
One safety measure that can be universally used is called “Touch Supervision”.  This refers to an adult having at least one hand on a child at all times when the child is around water.   This method is primarily for infants and toddlers; however, it is also important to be close to all children, from infants to teens, and attentive during swimming activities.
It is abundantly clear that there is no substitute for good supervision.  Technology, although helpful for safety measures at times, can also be a source of distraction for parents and others.   When a child is in a swim area, the supervisors of the children should put away the mobile phone and tablets.  One text message or e-mail can lead to inattention which can lead to a day that will never be forgotten because a child drowned.  Was the text message worth it?  Was the e-mail that interesting? How about the Facebook posts?  There is nothing more important than the children in front of the supervisors at the pool area. 
When a child drowns as a result of the fault of a day care center, summer camp, school, facility, or even a neighbor or relative other than a parent, a legal cause of action may be pursued for the personal injuries to the child OR the wrongful death of the child.
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