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What Are the Dangers, Risks and Liabilities of Trampolines?

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Texas and other States, trampolines are often seen in most communities. For the most part, trampolines are a source of fun, entertainment and exercise for adults and children alike. Unfortunately, many children are injured every year due to trampoline accidents and injuries. Some incidents are avoidable with safety precautions and adult supervision while others are not. While trampolines are quite common, they should still be considered dangerous when used in an unsafe manner and / or when the trampoline is not properly maintained or equipped. Often times, a child injury lawyer can help the injured child and the family pursue damages for medical bills, pain, and suffering when there is a trampoline personal injury.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Parental Supervision. Some parents prefer that a child refrain from using a trampoline. Each parent has his or her different thoughts and philosophies on parenting and safety. Because of this, it is important to get the permission of the parent before allowing a child to use a trampoline.

2. Inspection of the Trampoline. Make sure that the trampoline is properly maintained and in good repair. Also, make sure that there are not items or objects in or around the trampoline that could cause injury.

3. Safety Precautions. It is helpful to have a net around the trampoline to help prevent falls off the trampoline. The barrier comes with many trampolines or can be added to an existing trampoline.

4. Supervision. The maxim – “Kids will be kids” – applies to trampolines and other recreational activities. Children are best served with adult supervision to make sure that the children follow the rules and play safely. What may seem like an innocent or harmless wrestling match or move can lead to serious personal injuries.

5. Age and Occupancy of the Trampoline. Make sure that the number of children on the trampoline does not exceed manufacturer recommendations. Furthermore, the age and size of the children should be considered when using the trampoline. A couple of rowdy teenagers should not be on the trampoline with a four year old.

Following the above safety measures and using common sense can go a long way to preventing personal injuries from taking place when using a trampoline.

It was recently reported in Vidor, Texas, a 12 year old boy (Everett Williams) was injured when he fell off of a trampoline. He was taken by air transport (medical helicopter) for treatment and evaluation at Christus Hospital Elizabeth – Beaumont, Texas. It was reported that the boy fell off of the trampoline and that there was no protective net in place. See Vidor Texas Boy Injured in Trampoline Accident.

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