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What Are the Legal Rights of a Child Injured in an Off Road Dirt Bike and / or ATV Accident?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Michigan and other States, children, at times, are the unfortunate victims of personal injuries resulting from off road dirt bike and / or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) accidents. Parents and other adults should take all necessary precautions and steps to prevent injuries to a child as a result of these activities. Some safety advocates will argue that there should be an age limit in every State for the operation of a dirt bike and / or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). Furthermore, safety advocates will argue that a helmet should be required for every operator / occupant of a dirt bike / ATV and especially for children. The use of off road dirt bikes and ATVs can be especially dangerous due to the speed of the bikes / ATVs, changing terrain, hidden dangers, stunts, and other factors. While it is impossible or unrealistic to believe that every injury or accident can be avoided, due care and thought should be taken to prevent injuries of children engaged in these activities or present in the area at the time of these activities.

When a child is injured as a result of a dirt bike or ATV accident, the parents / legal guardians of the child may be able to pursue a legal claim or case on behalf of the injured child. While there may be no speed limits posted for off road activities or street signs, the owner and operator of a dirt bike or ATV is still bound by a reasonable care or operation standard. The owner / operator of the dirt bike or ATV has a duty to operate the vehicle safely and implement all available and / or reasonable safety precautions. If a child is injured due to negligence or carelessness, an injured child may be able to recover pain and suffering damages due to these acts.

In Michigan, a tragic ATV / dirt bike accident was recently reported. In this Michigan off road accident, a 2 year old suffered serious personal injuries. The child’s father was also injured in this ATV / dirt bike accident. The incident took place in Calhoun County, Michigan. You can read more about this story at Father and Toddler Injured in Off Road ATV / Dirt Bike Accident in Calhoun County, Michigan.

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