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What Exam is Required by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families When a Child is Suffers a Personal Injury?

By Jeremy Vishno, Attorney, and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In the State of Connecticut, the Department of Children and Families now requires that medical providers review medical records and complete a full physical exam for all children under the age of 6 years old who seek medical treatment for an injury. The purpose of such requirements is to protect potential young victims of abuse and neglect. You can read more about this topic at Connecticut Requires Medical Records Review and Full Exam for Injured Child Under the Age of 6 Years Old.

Of course, some injuries are merely accidental like when a child falls off a bicycle or trips over an untied shoe lace. Other injuries are a direct result of abuse or neglect. For instance, when a child is pushed or grabbed by an adult or much larger child, this could be a case or matter of abuse or neglect. Children, who are in an abusive environment at home, school, day care center, or other location, are put at risks especially if the warning signs and symptoms are missed by other caregivers and medical professionals.

It should be noted that each State has its own laws and regulations as to cases or matters involving the abuse or neglect of a child. Different standards and procedures are in place depending on the laws and facts and circumstances of the case. Because of the complexities of these matters, it is often helpful for parents or other caregivers to seek advice from a Child Injury Lawyer if a child is abused or neglected. There may be one or more cases pursued regarding the incident:

Criminal Case. Local law enforcement, social services, and the prosecutor’s office often work together in putting together a case against the alleged perpetrator of the abuse or neglect.

Civil Case. If the child is injured due to the negligence or fault of a day care center, school, other relative, or person, then there may be a civil case to pursue on behalf of the injured child by the parents or guardians of the child.

Dependency Case. A dependency case may be filed by social services seeking a parenting plan, foster care, termination of parental rights, and / or other remedies.

Administrative Case. If the incident took place at a school, day care center, camp, or other facility, then there may be an administrative case filed by the State against the alleged wrongdoers and the facilities.

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