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What if a Child is Attacked, Molested or Harmed by a Neighbor?

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parents work hard (day and night) to provide for and protect their children. It is the hope and prayer of every parent that a child is safe at home, school, church, and the neighborhood. Unfortunately and tragically, children are, at times, molested, attacked and harmed in their own neighborhoods. The perpetrator may be a new neighbor or one that has lived in the neighborhood for years. Some may have a criminal background and have committed crimes. However, many predators go undetected or uncaught for years upon years and even a lifetime.

It is most unsettling when a child is attacked, molested, or harmed by a neighbor. This is especially true when the neighbor was trusted and a friend of the family. At times, a criminal background check will expose or identify a predator or a dangerous person in the neighborhood. In other instances, it may be the strange conduct or troubling words of a neighbor that will serve as a warning sign to keep your children away from this person.

While it is not reasonable or practical to distrust every single person in the neighborhood and insulate a child from all dangers, it is worth taking reasonable precautions in the neighborhood since many incidents of abuse, neglect, assault, and molestation take place in the neighborhood of the child.

The death of 9 year old – Skylar Dials – was reported in Williamson, Georgia. A neighbor – Shane Clifton Collett – has been charged with murder, concealing a death, and kidnapping. Like other criminal cases, Mr. Collett will be entitled to representation by a Georgia criminal defense lawyer or the services of the public defender’s office regarding these criminal charges. It was reported that Mr. Collett was one of many volunteers and neighbors who had previously volunteered to participate in the search fro Skylar who had been reported missing. You can read more about this story a Neighbor Faces Criminal Charges Over Death of 9 Year Old Georgia Girl – Skylar Dials.

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