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What If Another Child Attacks My Child at a Day Care Center?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Mississippi and other States, day care centers and their staff members have a duty to provide a safe and clean educational environement for the children enrolled in the program. Many day care centers have childre fromn infants to school aged children enrolled in the same day care program. When children of different ages and sizes are grouped into the same day care center and in the same areas of the day care center, the smaller and younger children can be put a risk of injury from the acts and aggressions of the larger and older children. Under these circumstances, it is vital that the day care center provide timely and consistent supervision of the children. School aged child often times lack good judgment and temperament around infants and toddlers. Because of this, it makes even more important to have constant supervision to protect the younger children enrolled in the day care program.

Parents and guardians should inquire as to the age range of children enrolled in the day care program and what steps are made to keep the chileren in separate groups by age and what steps are made to supervise the children in the day care center. Mississippi day care centers should follow the State rules and regulations. In addition, the day care center should promulgate its own policies and procedures and follow those as well. It is the best interests and the safety of the children that should be the focus of each and every day care center.

A recent day care center incident was reported in Vicksburg Mississippi. In fact, the incident was captured on videotape and, frankly, was most disturbing. The video shows a 9 year old boy assaulting and injuring other children at the Kiddie City Childcare Center. The incident was later investigated by the Vicksburg Police Department. According to Police Chief Walter Armstrong of the Vicksburg Police Department, the child care worker was not paying attention nor was the day care worker in the room as often as she should have been. The video shows the 9 year old kicking, punching, and biting the toddlers / babies in the room. You can read more about this story and see the video surveillance of the incident at Vicksburg Mississippi Day Care Center – 9 Year Old Shown Assaulting Other Children.

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