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What is One Basic Duty of the Day Care Center? (Roll Call – Especially During Transportation Activities)

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


What is one basic duty of every day care center in the nation? Simply stated, it is the act of “roll call”. It is amazing how simple of a task roll call can be; however, it is more amazing how many times that roll calls are not completed or done haphazardly. This can be espeically troublesome during field trips and any time that a child is transported by the day care center or a transportation company.

If a child is left on a school bus or van in this sweltering summer heat, a child can suffer serious personal injuries and even die as a result of heat exposure, exhaustion, and / or heat stroke. In just a matter of minutes, a child can be put at extreme danger when left on a bus. This is because the heat inside the vehicle quickly builds up and exceeds the heat outside when the vehicle is turned off. Can these tragic incidents be avoided? The answer quite simply is “Absolutely Yes.” One simple tool that can be used has been around for hundreds of years. The tool is in the form of pen and paper. Yes, that’s right, a checklist can go a long way especially when the checklist is checked and doublechecked by multiple staff members. The time spent on roll calls is well justified and an improper part of basic safety procedures for day care centers, schools, and summer camps.

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