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What Safety Precautions Should be Taken in Parking Lots of Day Care Centers and Summer Camps?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


On any given day, the parking lot can be a dangerous area for child. This is especially true during operating busy hours at day care centers, schools, and summer camps. During pick up and drop off times, there is a crowd of vehicles that enter and exit the parking lot area. Because it is well-known that both vehicles and children will be in close proximity in parking lots of day care centers schools and summer camps, it is important that administrators, teachers, counselors, and other monitors pay close attention, put safety precautions in place like ropes, flags, and cones, and direct both pedestrian and vehicle traffic in a careful and reasonable manner.

Unfortunately, children are injured in parking lots of schools day, day care centers, camps, and churches on the far too frequent basis. This is especially troubling when the injuries or incidents could have been prevented with a better safety precautions, a better layout of the parking lot, the designation of safety zones and do not enter zones, and with diligent supervision through the actions and close observation of the child care provider. If a child is injured in the parking lot of a child care provider or any location for that matter, a parent can and should seek out legal advice for the parking lot – accident related personal injuries. A Child Injury Lawyer can help reivew the respective rights of the injured child and the responsibilities of the driver and the day care center.

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