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What Should a Parent Do If a Child Is Subjected to Corporal Punishment in a South Carolina Day Care Center?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In South Carolina and other States, corporal punishment is permitted in schools and day care centers. Some States prohibit the use of corporal punishment in day care centers. Some States allow each county to decide whether corporal punishment is permitted in county schools. Since the laws and regulations can vary from State to State and County to County, it is important to review the laws and regulations and / or contact a Child Injury Attorney to determine the laws and regulations on point. If corporal punishment is implemented, rules and regulations must be followed. In particular, the corporal punishment should not be implemented in a manner that causes personal injuries requiring medical care and attention. Corporal punishment, whether permitted or not under a particular law or regulations, will be excessive if it amounts to abuse and neglect.

Corporal punishment implemented in day care center is especially troubling considering the age of the children and susceptibility of these children to injuries from corporal punishment. If a child suffers injuries as a result of corporal punishment in a day care center, there may be a civil case or claim against the day care center. A Child Injury Lawyer will evaluate the case and consider factors including: the type of corporal punisment implemented, the incident report, the injuries sustained, the number of times implemented, applicable laws and regulatiuons, and other factors.

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A recent incident of corporal punishment was reported in South Carolina. It was reported in Seneca, South Carolina that a day care owner allegedly beat a 4 year old child enrolled in a day care center with a belt. The incident was reported and investigated by the Seneca Police Department. See Police – Day Care Owner Left Bruises on 4 Year Old Boy.

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