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Why Are Transporation Regulations and Safety Procedures Important for Children Enrolled in Day Care Centers?

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Texas and other States, schools, day care centers, and / or bus companies transport children to and from programs and activities. Whether it is the regular morning pick up or a field trip, it is vital that the drivers, attendants, and all others involved with transportation follow safety regulations, school / day care policies and procedures, and just some basic common sense as well. Transporation laws, regulations, and policies all serve an important purpose of providing for the safety and well being of children being transported by day care centers, schools, and bus companies. Occupancy limits should be followed and seat belts should be worn when available on the school bus van or bus.

Parents should ask the school and van for a copy of the day care center / school policies and procedures for transportation. Thereafter, parents should ask their children if these policies and procedures are followed. In addition, parents should observe the bus or van from time to time to make sure that safety measures and procedures are being followed by the driver and attendant.

Unfortunately, some schools and day care centers fail to follow safety rules, laws and regulations. Some facilities and schools overcrowd a bus or van beyond the occupancy limits and fail to maintain proper control and supervision of the children on the school bus or van. When there is an accident, injuries are caused by the lack of safety regulations and / or seating for the children.

In Houston, Texas, a day care center van was involved in an accident that sent 16 children to a local hospital. It was reported that by the Texas Children’s Protective Services that there were 18 violations in connection with an accident that took place on July 9, 2012. The van had an occupancy limit of 15 seats but was carrying 16 children and two adults at the time of the crash. Only one child was in a booster seat despite the need for several other children to be in booster seats. For more information regarding this accident, see State of Texas Shuts Down Day Care Center.

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