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Georgia Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Field Trips Away from Day Care Centers?

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Pursuant to Rule 591-1-1.13 – Field Trips – of the Georgia Rules and Regulations for Child Care Learning Centers, parents shall be notified in advance by the center of a child’s participation in ANY field trip, which must be signed and dated by a parent of the child. The advanced notice shall include: a). the name and address of the field trip’s destination; b). the date of the trip; c). time of departure; and d). estimated arrival time back at the center.

Additional Supervision Requirements:
– Regular staff:child ratios must be maintained on field trips and an additional employee, chaperon or student in training who is least 16-years-old shall be available to assist in the supervision of each group of 25 children (If the field trip requires transportation of the children, the center must comply with the staffing requirements relating to the transportation of children.). A list of children and participating adults must be left at the center, as well as taken on the field trip and kept in the possession of the adult in charge of the field trip.

Centers are also required to keep emergency medical information for the children under the center’s care. The emergency medical information of each child shall include allergies, special medical needs and conditions, current prescribed medications that the child is required to take on a daily basis, the name and phone number of the child’s doctor, the local medical facility that the center uses in the area where the center is located, and the telephone numbers where the parents of the children can be reached shall be left at the center, as well as taken on the field trip and kept in the possession of the adult in charge of the trip.

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