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Georgia Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Equipment and Toys in Day Care Centers?

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Pursuant to Rule 591-1-1.12 – Equipment and Toys- of the Georgia Rules and Regulations for Child Care Learning Centers, all indoor and outdoor furniture, activity materials and equipment shall be used with the following limitation: a). in a safe and appropriate manner by each employee and child in attendant; and b). in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions, recommendations and intended use.

Equipment. The following apply to the equipment and furniture used by a center shall only be used:
– By the age-appropriate group of children;
– Be free from hazardous conditions (i.e., sharp rough edges or toxic paint, kept clean, placed so as to permit the children’s freedom or movement and minimize danger and secured).

Toys. Centers shall provide a variety of age-appropriate toys and play materials shall be available.
– Toys shall be stored on low, open shelves accessible to children in each room or assigned area. (Toys that launch projectiles, i.e., dart guns, slingshots, etc., are not permitted within centers and balloons shall not given be accessible to school-age children.

Toys for children under 3-years-old. The toys shall be
– Age appropriate;
– Non-toxic and lead-free;
– Large enough in size so not to be swallowed and incapable of causing asphyxiation or strangulation;
– Free of sharp pieces, edges or points of small parts which may be taken off by a child and rust.
– Easily cleaned with disinfectant daily.

Tables. Space shall be provided for each while who is able to sit at a table unassisted. The center must provide an appropriately sized chair or bench shall be provided for each child who is not an infant and who is able to use a chair or bench.

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