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Georgia Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Playgrounds in Day Care Centers?

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Pursuant to Rule 591-1-1-.26 – Playgrounds – of the Georgia Rules and Regulations for Child Care Learning Centers, child care centers must meet certain criteria and requirements. First and foremost, the outdoor area must larger the center’s licensed capacity for children, specifically the area shall be equal to 100 square feet times 1/3 the center’s capacity. Each center is required to provide 100 square feet for each child occupying the outside play area at any one time, groups of children may be rotated if necessary. The play area shall be adjacent to the child care center, or in an area that is accessible by a safe route or other approved method. However, school-age centers shall have shaded areas. The play areas shall also be protected by a fence or other secure barrier, which is 4 feet or higher. Child care centers must keep the play areas clean, so as to be free from litter and hazards (“free from hazards” can mean but is not limited to non-resilient surfaces under the fall-zaon of play equipment, exposed tree roots and exposed sharp edges of concrete or equipment. The equipment shall be age appropriate and provide the children at the center with various opportunities and engage in a variety of experiences. The outdoor equipment must be free from lead-based paint, sharp corners and be checked regularly to maintain safety.

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