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Dover Township, Ohio – Investigation into Allegations of Groping and Molestation by 72 Year Old Men on Multiple Children

By Will Brown Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Athens County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating allegations that a 72-year-old man inappropriately touched six children at day care centers in Athens County. The police and Children Services were first notified when a mother of two teenage girls said that the man groped her daughters at a store connected to a home day care center.

Sheriff Patrick Kelly said that they identified a person of interest and an investigation has been launched. The police have been questioning parents and owners of two day care centers. More families have come forward alleging that the same man had inappropriate contact with their children; the children are all under the age of five. Sheriff Kelly said that all of the children attended one of two home day care centers located on state Route 13 in Dover Township, Ohio. The families came forward and asked the police to investigate the situation. Two of the alleged victims are two-years old and two are four-years-old, said Kelly.

According to the police, the person of interest is not allowed to have contact with the day care centers during the investigation. Both of the day care centers are with 100 yards of each other, and the person of interest has contact with both, said Kelly. Parents with children who were or are enrolled in the day care center have been notified about the ongoing investigation and have been assured that safeguards are in place to keep the man away from the facilities. For more information on this topic, see Man Alleged To Have Molested 6 Kids At Daycare Centers.

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