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Abuse and Assaults by School Volunteers – A Nationwide Problem

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Schools in Kansas and throughout the nation have school volunteers that assist teachers and administers with activities, lessons, special events, and field trips. A school generally benefits from the involvement of parents and school volunteers. Unfortunately, many of these volunteers use school grounds and the proximity to children as opportunities to molest, assault and sexually abuse children. Background checks of volunteers are important and can keep those who have been convicted of crimes out of the school. Unfortunately, there are a great number of child predators who have not been caughted, arrested, or convicted. Some just slip through the system. As such, it is also important for schools and concerned parents to be on the look out for child predators who slip into the school system as volunteers. I recently was sent a link by a parent of a child who was a victim of a school volunteer. The website – – is dedicated to the protection of children in the school system. The site contained trial transcripts, statutory references, and newspaper articles focusing on the problems and crimes of volunteers in the school system.

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