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Michigan Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers – What Are the Reporting Requirements for Serious Personal Injuries Sustained While at the Facility?

By Andrew Prine, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Michigan Department of Human Resources licenses and regulations child day care centers. Children often suffer serious personal injuries and, in some instances, death as a result of negligence maintenance and / or supervision of children under the care of a Michigan child day care center. Pursuant to Rule 400.5111a, Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers, a child day care center has a duty to verbally report any serious injury or medical condition requiring emergency medical care at a hospital or health care facility. Thereafter, the Michigan child day care center has a duty to report the incident / persona injuries to the Department of Human Resources within 72 hours of the incident on a form approved by the Department of Human Resources.

Unfortunately, many of these reported incidents in Michigan child day care centers are preventable. Better maintained equipment and furnishings in the facility can help avoid or prevent injuries. Furthermore, supervision is vital to preventing injuries, or at least, reducing the number of serious personal injuries sustained by children in Michigan child day care centers.

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