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Aiea, Hawaii – 5 Year Old Boy Nearly Drowns in Apartment Complex Pool

By Michael P. Healy, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Hawaii, warm weather year round makes it a vacation and destination location for many. The warm weather also makes Hawaii and other warm weather states a state in which outdoor swimming pool drownings can take place year round. Parents and property owners should be on alert every day for possible dangers involving children and swimming pools. When applicable and required by law, lifeguards should be in place. Furthermore, barriers, gates, and / or fences are key to keeping small, curious children out of pools. It is well known that toddlers and young children have poor safety awareness and judgment when it comes to the dangers of pools and other bodies of water. In Aiea, Hawaii, it was reported at the Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper website that a 5 year old child nearly drowned in an apartment complex – Pearl One Apartments. The boy was taken to a local hospital after bystanders pulled him out of the swimming pool. It was not reported how the child got into the pool or the level of supervision in the swimming pool area at the time of the incident. CPR was administered before emergency paramedics arrived on the scene.

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