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Ocean Springs, Mississippi Residents Upset Over Meth Arrest at Day Care Center

By Jay Foster, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Mississippi and other states, people run businesses out of their homes. Some businesses are day care centers. Typically, caring individuals and family operate home based day care centers. Unfortunately, there are other day care operators who put children at danger by running drug operations and conducting other illegal activities at the day care center. Recently, drugs and pornography were discovered at a home which also served as a day care center for your children. Investigators and authorities found chemicals and meth lab materials as well as needles and other gear used to manufacture meth. It is well know that meth is highly toxic and labs are high flammable. As such, the possession and / or manufacturing of meth at or near a day care center definitely poses a health hazard to children.

Neighbors are understandably concerned about the allegations against the day care owners. Having a meth lab is dangerous to neighbors as well. Drug operations tend to bring in other violent crimes when there are disputes over drug money or the drugs themselves. In addition, people, who sell and manufacture drugs, often times are users as well. It certainly is not safe for anyone to have drivers zip through neighborhoods high on meth or other drugs.

Police and narcotic authorities have a tough task to clean up neighborhoods and day care centers that put children at risk for harm. You can read more about this Mississippi day care center at Neighbors Upset Over Meth Arrests – Day Care Center.

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