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Alabama Child Day Care Centers -Safety Regulations as to Furnishings / Furniture and Equipment

By Scott Soutullo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Alabama and Other States, children suffer personal injuries inside the child day center from unsafe furniture and poorly maintained equipment and surroundings. A broken chair or desk can cause serious personal injuries to the child who lacks the judgment, experience and knowledge to appreciate the dangers. The Department of Human Resources sets Minimum Standards for Child Day Care Centers for furnishings / furniture and equipment. According to these Regulations and Procedures, a child day care center shall make sure that furniture and equipment is appropriate for the age and size of the children. In addition, furniture and equipment shall be maintained in a clean and safe condition and shall be free from sharp, loose or rusty parts. The equipment and furniture shall be of the type that can be kept clean. Small parts or removable small parts shall be kept away from infants and toddlers who tend to put these small items in their mouths. It is interesting to note that children’s desks or student desks are prohibited in child day care centers. Children’s desks or student desks are the built in all in one units. This makes sense as small children may get caught or stuck in such a desks or injured from the closable tops to such desks.

Safe and well maintained furnishings, furniture, and equipment can help prevent serious personal injuries to children in an Alabama child day care center. Day care facility staff members should be on a constant look out for any item whether it is a table, chair, window blind, refrigerator, door, window, or anything else that may pose a danger to any of the children in the child day care center.

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