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Allegheny County Officials Investigate Death of Baby at Home Day Care Center

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Allegheny County Officials are investigating the death of a baby at a home day care center in Pennsylvania. According to officials, 10-month-old Desmire Williams was in the care of a home daycare owned by Melody Lang on Singer Place in Wilkinsburg. Sources said that an employee at the day care fed the baby and then put him down for a nap. The day care center said they checked on the child several times and noticed he was in a deep sleep. The day care center contacted the mother, Desiree Pinkston, about the infant’s sleeping habits. Once Pinkston arrived at the day care center, she found employees trying to resuscitate the child. Pinkston immediately called 911 because the home day care center had not done so.

Devastated parents, 22-year-old Derelle Williams and 27-year-old Pinkston have a long list of questions. Pinkston said that Lang owned a day care center on Ross Street. “Why weren’t my children in a daycare first of all instead of at her house where it’s made like a bar?” Pinkston asked. The day care owner told Pinkston that her baby had only been asleep for only an hour, but Pinkston’s other children who attend the day care center, ages three, seven and eight said that their baby brother had been asleep on a bed upstairs all day. Williams said the doctors from the Children’s Hospital told them that their baby had been dead for almost six hours. “He was stiff! The doctors couldn’t even perform CPR on him because it was too late,” Williams said.

The Allegheny County Police are hoping for more answers once they receive the toxicology report. The initial autopsy revealed no internal or external trauma. For more information on this topic see Mother of baby found unresponsive at day care has questions and Infant Dies At Wilkinsburg Daycare Center.

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