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Ausable Forks, New York Basketball Coach (Joey Strong) Charged with Rape and Endangering Welfare of a Child

By Steven Smith, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In New York and other States, school coaches are in the position of trust and responsibility. Coaches are supposed to mentor our children. Coaches are not supposed to provide alcohol or sex to children. This is basic common sense. It is also a crime no matter if the Defendant is male, female, tall, short, good looking, or ugly. In Ausable Forks, New York, the girl’s basketball coach from Holy Name School has been criminally charged with giving alcohol to a teenage boy and having sex with him. The incident took place at a Queensbury, New York hotel in March 2009.

Of course, Coach Joey Strong is entitled to the representation from a New York Criminal law attorney and is innocent until proven guilty; however, if she indeed had sex with an underage minor / student, she should be criminally prosecuted.

According the school principal, Coach Strong was not an employee of the school. Coach Strong was a volunteer coach for 8 years. Whether Coach Strong was a volunteer coach or an employee, the school still had a duty to supervise and monitor her activities. In addition, background checks should be performed on all volunteers and coaches to insure that the children are not exposed to dangerous persons or exposed to undue risks. Of course, if Coach Strong had no prior criminal record or history of sex or abuse with minors, the school would not have been put on prior notice of her activities or propensities.

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