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Babysitter Charged with Attempted Murder and Risk of Injury to a Child in Bridgeport, Connecticut

By Jeremy Vishno, Attorney, and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Connecticut and other States, parents rely on babysitters to watch, supervise, and care for their children. Some babysitters are experienced and very caring while others put their own interests in place of the child’s. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a babysitter was arrested after a baby was treated at a hospital for severe head injuries. Police believe that the babysitter (Keamira Fatal – age 24) banged the baby’s head on the floor several times after the 1 year old girl disturbed the babysitter who was watching television. The babysitter reported that the baby was crying and that the babysitter did not quite know how the baby was injured. In a criminal investigation and case of this nature, forensic and medical evidence will play an important part in determining what truly happened to this defenseless child. This is especially true since the victim cannot state what happened to her and there were no witnesses at the time the injuries took place. You can read more about this story at Babysitter Faces Criminal Charges for Severe Personal Injuries to 1 Year Old Girl in Connecticut.

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