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Bicycle Helmets – Important Safety Measure for Children Riding Bicycles

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Arkansas and other States, emergency room doctors and pediatricians see their fair share of child injuries from bicycle accidents. According to Mechelle Winslow of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Center, bicycle helmets are an important safety measure for children riding bicycles. Head injuries to children are common in bicycle accidents. With a proper helmet, many injuries can be prevented or lessened with the helmet taking the brunt of the trauma rather than the child’s head. A good suggestion by Winslow is to have the child pick out his or her own helmet. This may make it more likely for the child to wear the helmet. Children should be taught from an early age that a helmet is not optional. No helmet – no bicycle riding. Eventually, the child will put on the helmet without even being asked to. You can read more about this topic at Bicycle Safety Tip to Teach Your Children.

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