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Teen Mother Arrested for Not Placing Child in Safety Seat / Safety Belt – Automobile Accident in San Antonio, Texas

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In San Antonio, Texas, a teen mother has been arrested regarding an automobile accident that led to injuries to a toddler. Police reported that the mother did not properly buckle her infant son in a car seat. Unfortunately, there was an automobile accident in which the child bumped his head on the dashboard and was knocked unconscious. According to a story posted by News 4 WOAI, the 8 month old child was sitting on the front passenger floor board at the time of the crash even though the car was equipped with a rear facing safety seat.

Parents, caregivers, and day care providers who transport children should always place the child in a child safety seat and / or seat belt. Whether the trip involves just a few blocks, a few miles, or a longer distance, there should be no exception to the rule, law, and / or habit of properly securing a child in a vehicle. You can read more about this story at
>Teen Mom Charged with Injury to Child

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