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Bothell, Washington Man (Dean Kinsman) Arrested After Luring Children Into His Truck in Two Separate Incicdents

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Families of two children in Washington state were given quite a scare when a man in a pick up truck lured their children into his vehicle on two separate incidents. The man (Dean Kinsman) offered one child a bicycle and the other shoes if they got into his vehicle. Children who go off with creepy strangers are really in danger and are often times injured, molested, and, in many tragic cases, killed. Fortunately, Kinsman did not take the children away from these families forever; however, the families were quite concerned that these incidents happened in the neighborhood. The boy was 9 years old and the girl was 4 years old.

News report did not indicate what Kinsman did with the children on his outings with the children. It is clear that Kinsman was not a friend of the family and did not have permission of family members to take the children anywhere. An investigation will be conducted to find out more details about these incidents and to determine if Kinsman took other children on similar excursions in the past.

This story shows the importance of staying away from strangers. Whether the stranger offers money, a bicycle, shoes, or a puppy, tell your children it does not matter. You can read more about this story at Bothell, Washington Man Arrested for Luring Children into his Pick Up Truck.

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