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5 Year Old Dies After Fall from Bounce / Inflatable Play Area in Wichita, Kansas

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Bounce houses, trampolines, and inflatable play areas can be dangerous to children. Tragically, a number of children suffer serious personal injuries playing on or in these areas every year. Some even die as a result of the injuries. In Wichita, Kansas, it was reported that a 5 year old girl died after falling off of an inflatable bounce play area at Pure Entertainment. While the child was rushed to a local emergency room, the child ultimately died as a result of the injuries. There are several questions when considering or investigating accidents or incidents involving bounce houses or inflatable play areas including:

What kind of bounce house or inflatable play area was involved?

Who was supervising the child at the time of the incident?

Was the area in and around the bounce house / inflatable play area free from hazards?

Was the bounce house or inflatable play area properly installed, anchored, and in place according the manufacturer standards and recommendations?

Were there other incidents involving serious personal injuries or death involving the same or similar bounce houses / inflatable play areas?

Whatever the results of the investigation, a 5 year old boy died and a family and community has suffered a great loss. You can read more about this incident at 5 Year Old Child Dies After Fall at Pure Entertainment.

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