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Colorado Governor in Bicycle Accident; Lends Support to Helmet Law for Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Governor Ritter of Colorado was recently in a bicycle accident that caused several broken ribs. After his own experience with a bicycle injury, he is throwing extra support behind a bill that would require Colorado kids from ages two to seventeen to wear a safety helmet when riding a bike, roller blades, or skate board.

The bill has already passed the House, but is drawing criticism from those who say that the government is taking on too much responsibility that should go to parents. Chris Brown, the owner of Brown’s Cycles, said that he believes strongly that kids should wear helmets when biking or blading, but does not want the government getting involved. He went on to say that the consequences of the proposed law are “ridiculous bureaucracy;” a police officer is supposed to stop the child, issue a ticket and give him a pamphlet explaining the dangers of riding without a helmet.

One of Brown’s employees, who himself suffered a head injury in a bicycle accident, summed it up nicely, saying “your child’s life is worth 35 dollars for a helmet.” The bill will now go to the Senate for a vote before it can become law.

Read more about pending legislation in Colorado that would require minors to wear bike helmets at Ritter Supports New Helmet Bill after Accident.

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