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Center City (Pennsylvania) Day Care Center – Baby Died – Special Victims Unit Investigates

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Center City, Pennsylvania, it was reported that a 7 month old child was found unresponsive in a crib. Since the cause of death or manner of death was not apparent, an investigation will be conducted by the Special Victims Unit (SVU). See Baby Dies in Pennsylvania Day Care Center.

Deaths unfortunately take place in Pennsylvania day care centers. Some deaths are from natural or medical causes that could not have been predicted or anticipated while other deaths do result from inattention, lack of supervision, and / or the failure to follow day care and child care rules and regulations. Infants in day care centers are often times at risk for injuries or death when they are placed to sleep or for a nap in a vulnerable position or with items like stuffed animals and pillows that may lead to suffocation or asphyxiation type of injuries. Of course, no assumptions should be made as to any incident until the facts and evidence are gathered together to determine the manner / cause of death and whether the death was preventable with more timely action or care on the part of child care providers.

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