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Day Care Center in Norfolk Virginia – Child Missing for Hours

By Kevin Leach, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Virginia and other States, parents rely on day care centers to supervise and educate their children in a safe and closely monitored environment. Unfortunately, some day care centers fail to honor their responsibilities and lose track of children at the day care center, on field trips, or during transportation trips. Since children lack safety awareness and often times have poor judgment in situations of crisis or danger, children, who are left unattended or unsupervised, often times suffer serious personal injuries. Some even die due to lack of proper supervision. It was recently reported that a child went missing from a Norfolk day care center. While the child was ultimately located and did not suffer any injuries except for being scaed and dirty, the fact that he went missing should cause concern for the day care center, parents, and the community. See Norfolk Virginia Day Care Center Loses 18 Month Old Boy.

Some children attending other day care centers in Virginia and other States have not been so lucky especially those who have been left unattended in vehicles in the heat of summer. Parents should ask the day care centert about the attendance and check in policies as well as how the children are monitored and supervised during the day. Policies and procedures as well as simple check lists can go a long way to keeping children safe in and outside of day care centers.

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