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Chid Injury In Dispute at Wyoming, Michigan – Did Bite Marks Occur at Day Care Center or Elsewhere?

Andrew Prine, Attorney David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Michigan and other States, children are enrolled in day care centers. The hope, wish, desire, and expectation of every parent is that the child will be safe during the day and that the Michigan day care center will provide the child with a clean and well staffed play and learning environment. In Wyoming, Michigan, a mother (Patricia Ochoa) believes that her son (18 months old) suffered child personal injuries at his day care center – Little Blossom Day Care. The day care center denies that the boy suffered injuries in the form of bite marks and bruises while attending the day care center. The Michigan Department of Human Services will investigate the incident. See Mother Says Michigan Toddler Bitten at Day Care Center.

In cases involving injuries at a day care center, it is some times difficult to prove the cause and timing of the injuries. An investigation by the Michigan Department of Human Services along with a review of the medical records and photographs may shed some light on the facts of this case.

Supervision at both home and the day care center together helps avoid most child personal injuries. Furthermore, if an injury does occur while a child is supervised, there is at least information available (if the adult reports it) as to the cause and mechanism of the child personal injury.

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