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Child Maid Trafficking – Working Children Can Be Cheap Labor for Some Families

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Associated Press reported a very good but sad story about the trafficking of children for slave and indentured servant type of labor in the United States. The children were reported to work day and night with little to no breaks and very poor wages. While many think that these arrangements only take place outside of the United States, there are numerous reports showing child labor and child labor trafficking as a real problem in California and other States in the United States. You can read the sad stories of some of these children at Child Maid Trafficking – A Real Problem in the United States.

Many people, who put child maids to work, can avoid maids. They live in nice houses but it is not good enough to have a regular maid or housekeeper once a week. These folks want a maid all day and all night. It is a shame that somebody’s laziness comes at the expense of a child who is forced to work to pay for a family member’s debt or to get virtual slave wages to their families.

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