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Cleveland Ohio Special Needs Toddler Suffers Severe Burn Injuries –

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Cleveland, Ohio, the police have arrested five people for abusing a handicapped toddler; the child’s mom and boyfriend were arrested along with three others. According to the police, the suspects burned the handicapped child with a hot iron. The incident occurred at W. 38th and Dension. The person who answered the door at the address claimed it was just an accident, but the child could not even walk, said the police. The grandmother of the child was horrified when she saw the burns on the child’s leg and called for help immediately. The grandmother said that nobody had taken the child to the hospital for treatment or reported the incident to 911.

Certain people in Ohio are required by law to report incidents of child mistreatment, but anyone can make a report of suspected abuse. If a child is in immediate danger, then the police should be notified immediately. In all other circumstances, reports should be made to the DFCS office in the county where the child lives. People who call to report suspected abuse do not have to be certain the abuse occurred but only need to report what they have seen or heard. The authorities will investigate the situation and confirm whether the abuse occurred.

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