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Colerain Township Ohio Day Care Worker Facing Criminal Charges of Endangerment – 2 Year Old Left Behind on Day Care Field Trip

By Will Brown, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Quinetta Tubbs, owner of NaNa’s Day Care in Ohio, was charged with child endangering and obstructing official business after leaving a two-year-old Micah Davis at Clippard Park following a field trip. Tracy Davis, Micah’s mother, was informed of the incident by Tubbs. Thereafter, Tubbs asked the mother to lie to the police and tell the police that the child was at a birthday party. Tubbs was released on a $1,000 bond. Child and Family Services is investigating NaNa’s Day Care, but the mother said she does not want to press charges.

Day care employees need to be more aware of the children under their guidance, care, and supervision. Children of all ages, including two-year-olds, can get separated from the group easily, especially when on a field trip.

Parents need to make sure their day care centers have precautions in place for when they travel outside of the facility. While there are several ways to keep a group together, one way is to have all of the wear the same T-shirt or same color T-shirt.

Secondly, they should follow single file, and hold hands. Children should be instructed to alert a teacher if the person who was once holding their hand is not holding it anymore. They should also be instructed to alert a teacher if they see someone wander off or if their friend goes missing. Small tasks such as these can make a big difference in keeping children safe on field trips or other outside facility trips.

Finally, and most importantly, a simple checklist that is reviewed and documented before and after each stop can prevent most incidents from taking place.

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