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Ohio Babysitter Charged for Assaulting Four Year Old Special Needs Child at Water Park

By Will Brown, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Alisha Schlagenhauser, a 27-year-old woman, was charged with assaulting an autistic child in Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora, Ohio. Witnesses said Schlagenhauser was drunk when she was seen yelling and hitting the child. She was also seen dragging him by his harness through the park so forcefully that she caused him injury.

Schlagenhauser was also caring for the child’s 7-year-old brother along with two other children when the alleged abuse occurred. Law enforcement officers interviewed Schlagenhauser who purportedly admitted to drinking tequila and beer at the water park. Cops also found marijuana and a pipe on Schlagenhauser. She is being charged with child endangering, drug possession, and assault.

It is important for parents to ensure their children are being cared for by responsible and trustworthy people. Parents must closely observe the behaviors and actions of the people they entrust to care for their children. If there is ever any sign of abuse or alcohol or drug related activities, parents should terminate the employment of these caretakers and find a more responsible person to care for and supervise their children.

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