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Crash into Lubbock Texas Day Care Center Leads to Personal Injuries of Five Children

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Eli Rodriguez, 32, was dropping off a family member at Doodle Bug Square Day Care, when he lost control of his Buick Century and his the day care building. Five children were taken by an ambulance to a nearby hospital, all with minor injuries.

Diana McPherson, the day care’s owner, stated the obvious when she said the situation could have been much worse. The day care and its children and workers are all very fortunate to not have sustained serious or even fatal injuries.

Although the child may be all right; a little bit of fear stills remains in the back of their minds. Caitlin Covington, an 8-year-old who attends the day care said she just does not want to go back, “just in case.” McPherson is already taking steps to make her facility more safe. McPherson recently bought concrete barriers to surround the facility.

The accident and its cause is still under investigation. However, investigators are under the belief that the driver’s accelerator may have gotten stuck. You can read more about this accident here at Man runs into day car, five child suffer minor injures.

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