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Cribs and Day Care Centers – Are Cribs Safe? Are Recalled Cribs Being Removed?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Many parents how now heard about the recall on drop-side cribs. If not, drop-side cribs were deemed unsafe by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and voted unanimously to ban them. It is estimated that it will take almost $600 million dollars to replace the cribs. Although the ban is effective immediately against retailers who are no longer allowed the sell the cribs, the ban is not effective immediately against everyone. What most parents are probably unaware of is that the agency is giving day care centers and hotels 2 years to replace the cribs. The agency views many day care facilities as small businesses and therefore wants to give the businesses an adequate amount of time to produce the money in order to purchase new cribs. (As a side note, the average day care replaces their cribs every 10 years!) Now, some cribs have stood the test of time and were used for multiple children in families. However, those families properly maintained the cribs as well as did quality work if the crib needed to be fixed. This cannot necessarily be vouched for at hotel daycares and other day care facilities. Therefore, it is important parents to ask questions about the cribs at day cares: How old are the cribs being used? Is the crib a dropside crib? When were the cribs last replaced? These are all pertinent and perhaps life-saving questions for your infant or toddler. If you would like to read more on this topic please see What crib day your day care used? Has is been recalled? Are the Cribs at Your Daycare on the Recall List?

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