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Facebook and the Internet – Distractions that Can Lead to Serious Personal Injuries and Death to Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Facebook and the Internet are wonderful tools and toys to play with; however, Facebook and the Internet can also serve as a deadly distraction to parents and child care providers. In Fort Lupton, Colorado, it was a reported that a 13 month old child died in his home’s bathtub while his mother was playing a Facebook game on her laptop computer. Many parents and child care providers do not realize that a child can drown in a small amount of water and in a short period of time. An infant / toddler should not be left alone in a bathtub even for a short period of time. Whether it is the Internet, a telephone call, food cooking, or another distraction, leaving a child alone or unattended in a bath tub can and does cause serious personal injuries and in some instances death. Affidavit: Mother Was on Facebook While Son Drowned.

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