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Dallas, Texas – Teen (Ke-Marice Hunt) Hit by Car While Running Away From Bullies

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

Fourteen year old Ke-Marice Hunt of Dallas Texas, had been terrorized by bullies at school for at least a month, ever since he started classes at Jackson Middle School. His grandmother, Robin Brooks, and mother, Lisa Brooks, taught the boy to run away if there was more than one kid after him; they did not want him getting into a fight.

So when five other boys wanted to start trouble with Ke-Marice recently, he did what his family taught him, and tried to run away from the other boys. Tragically, Ke-Marice was hit by a car as he was crossing a busy street to get away from the pack of bullies. Reportedly, one of the children who had been chasing him tried to help him after he was hit, but then ran off with the other boys.

Ke-Marice suffered a fractured spinal cord, concussion and a laceration on his ear that required eight stitches. The family plans to press criminal charges against the five bullies who chased Ke-Marice into the street. They believe that the bullies need to learn that their actions have consequences. Authorities are still trying to identify and locate the five boys involved in the chase. Read more details of this story of bullying turned criminal at Car hits teen trying to outrun 5 bullies in Oak Cliff.

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