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Former Tennessee Band Director Returns to Jail – Sexual Misconduct Case

By George R. Fusner, Jr. and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Tennessee, children in public and private schools should be educated in a safe environment. Unfortunately, many teachers and school employees have violated the trust of their positions and have engaged in sexual misconduct with children. Whether it happens in high school, middle school or elementary school, it is still wrong and violative of State laws and school board policies and procedures. It was recently reported at the Tennessean Website that a former high school band director returned to jail for the alleged violation of a bond that required him to have no contact with his 16 year old accuser. James Tucker was arrested in December 2009 following an investigation at Summertown High School (Tennessee) for sexual misconduct with the 16 year old student. He was released on bond under the condition that he have no contact with his accuser.

Mr. Tucker has the right to criminal defense representation in the criminal case. The case will turn on the available evidence which will include testimony. While it was not reported one way or another in this particular case, many cases these days also involve electronic / internet / computer evidence in the form of e mails, voice mails and text messages. This evidence often times help prove the criminal conduct as well as the intent of the criminal defendant.

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