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Dangers of Corporal Punishment and Extreme Treatment of Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Many child safety advocates, child rights advocates, and parents are against the use of corporal punishment. Some, however, firmly believe in the use of corporal punishment. Beyond the emotional harm that results from any instance of corporal punishment, many children suffer from serious personal injuries and, in some instances, death from excessive or extreme corporal punishment. At times, parents, caregivers, teachers, babysitters, and / or others go too far to “prove a point” or to “show the child who is the boss.” Corporal Punishment is an issue that is dealt with in school policies and procedures, magazines, newspapers, and, yes, in some child rearing books. Just because a book covers a topic or advocates a certain position or action does not make the book authoritative or good advice. The book titled – “To Train Up a Child” provides parents and caregivers techniques to impose corporal punishment. The book is a “how to” book in a way that can be quite dangerous to a child. When the imposition of corporal punishment is given priority to the health and safety of the child, serious personal injuries and death can and do result. There are plenty of methods and theories of child discipline that do not involve the imposition of corporal punishment. This is especially true in schools and day care centers – many of which outlaw or ban the use of corporal punishment. If there is any threat to the health, safety, and welfare of a discipline method, parents and caregivers should reconsider their actions. See Book Advocating Extreme Discipline May Be Connected to Deaths of Adopted Children.

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