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Georgia State Records Show Dangers and Injuries Resulting from Day Care Center Neglect and Negligence

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning monitors and licenses day care centers in the State of Georgia. This agency released statistics regarding incidents involving the death and / or injury of children in a Georgia day care center. Over the past give years, there have been over 500 major incidents reported involving a Georgia day care center. Of these incidents, it was noted that there were 239 injuries and 8 deaths of children while enrolled in or participating in day care center activities and field trips. These statistics included reported incidents that were on record with the Department. Of course, there were likely a number of incidents involving injuries or dangers at a Georgia day care center that were never reported to authorities. The Department can and does take action regarding dangerous incidents and violations of Georgia laws and regulations. There were 497 severe penalties issues for violations of day care regulations and / or standards. Some child safety advocates do not believe that the Department is doing enough to enforce standards or shut down day care facilities that violate regulations and put children at risk for serious personal injuries and death. It was reported that there is over 6000 licensed day care providers in the State of Georgia. You can read more about this topic at Day Care Problems Reported for Georgia Day Care Centers.

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